I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend a month photographing different indigenous tribes, wildlife and the amazing rainforests and beaches of Panama. Over the next few weeks I will be adding more information and captions to some of the photos. The following posts are a small sample of my work from the time spent in Panama


Kuna Indians

The Comarca de Kuna Yala and nearly 400 islands of San Blas are home to the Kuna Indians. The Kuna are the second-smallest people in the world (African Pygmies are the smallest). If you take a cruise ship to Panama these are the Indians you will most likely see. They are the most recognizable and visited of all the indigenous people.

The Kuna are very shrewd business people and may seam unfriendly. Other than selling you some of their colorful molas, necklaces or beads they appear to want nothing to do with tourists. If you want to take a picture be prepared to pay $1 per photo per person. Don’t think you can sneak a photo, they watch you like a hawk! There were so many photo opportunities, unfortunately I was limited to what I could photograph. My stay there was one big camera tease! I’m still thinking of all the photographs I could have made. They my not be the most friendly people but they are very interesting and seeing how the live and walking through their villages was a memorable experience. If you looking for a more personal and warm experience with an indigenous tribe, I would highly recommend a visit with the Embera.

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